Happy 2023!

Are we ready for another new year?

Hello Dear Humans,

Read first with an OPTION to watch the video herewith for those ready to practice rest and relaxation.

What’s up?

For me, I begin the “new year, new me” only on March 21st at the start of spring. My brain is more alert and I am less depressed.

As we settle into 2023, I am working on finalising my website and streamlining my social media platforms. Thanks to those that have supported my journey while I have fumbled through this incredibly intense transformation.

FYI: As a bit to manage communication expectations, my frequency in sending out this Newsletter is 2x per month - aligned with monthly moon cycles. But of course!!

Speaking of…

We have a full moon in Cancer TODAY where the energy is noted as deeply sensitising and extra nostalgic. The moon stays in the same zodiac sign for 2,5 days before moving onto the next, and the theme for this weekend is stay at home to rest & restore.

Feel free to read more about this month’s full moon here and why this may be relevant for you.


You are welcomed JOIN ME FROM THE COMFORTS OF YOUR LIVING ROOM (or bedroom if preferred :) for FREEBIE Rest & Restore Mooncircle Yoga from 19:30 - 21:00 CET tonight, 6 January! My first Virtual Event of 2023… right in the middle of both Mars and Mercury Retrograde… *fingers crossed*.

There is an intentional reason this post only comes now as I’m limiting students while in a space to practice virtually with filming. Not my strength and the call to action is to ask for assistance with videography and photography. Who has these skills, and moreover EDITING expertise?! … ugh.

The 6 min video above is to summarise for those joining, or planning to join in the future.

You can also book yourself for the next session on 18 January from 21:00 - 22:00 CET.

A mention AGAIN to state I am NOT here to sell this program to my friends, but appreciate sending me referrals. My target audience is anyone who cares to address sustainable mental health measures, to be clear. And at very minimum, I do benefit from being validated and cheered on by those that do care.


Sliding into 2023

Will be including more about ‘Mooncircle Yoga’ as I will offer 2x per month Restorative Yin-based events, both virtually and live in various locations.

The intention in these classes is to achieve conscious deep rest with supported somatic stretching available for most everyone, while offering guided savasana and breath work measures. The video above gives a bit more info.

We all can benefit from this type of movement and am happy to pass along these learnings within my teachings.

Enough about me, what about you?

Am looking forward to seeing you in this new year and finding out how you are.

Hoping the weight of the world isn’t too intense and I do encourage taking these moments to consciously rest. We will need to give more of the moments to ourselves to manage a healthy mindset of what’s to come for our futures.

My program will also include offering private breath work and customised yoga (online and in-person). If you know me personally, this grants you freebie sessions. Please connect with my agenda here to book a call and discuss if this is something for you.

In darkness and light xx



Audra White