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Hello, I’m Audra.

A certified yoga teacher (RYT200) with two decades of yoga experience.

I teach a modernised approach of incorporating yogic principles (it’s not about the poses!), while integrating astrological principles into our self-care practices for transformative results.

This elemental yoga approach helps to maintain positive mindsets while boosting mental health matters that keep us motivated in life.

Have you had a look at your astrological natal chart to find where your ‘magick’ is? You can book a ‘Get-to-know-You’ call with me here.

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Namaste xx
Audra White
“Admist the chaos of this perfect storm, a tranquil eye emerges.”
Mom, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Astrology Nerd, Earth-Worshipping Animal Lover
My Big Three Signature: ♋️ 🌞 ♈️ 🌚 ♌️ 🌅 ↗️

Holistic Yoga & Astrology for Busy Humans 

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Mom, Writer, Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Astrology Nerd, Earth-Worshipping Animal Lover Big 3 Signature: ♋️ 🌞 ♈️ 🌚 ♌️ 🌅↗️ Holistic Yoga & Astrology for Busy Humans 


A yoga and meditation teacher using clinical & metaphysical resources to dissect modern day mental aliments. Currently publishing a collaborative 'Learnoir' engaging with others wishing to reform social media by creating healthier digital habits.